[Hacklabs] la idea se extiende :-)

Quique quique at sindominio.net
Wed Apr 16 08:52:37 CEST 2003

mirad lo que me ha llegado:

Hi there,

An enthousiastic message, to let you know that the PRINT collective from
Dijon has just finished building its open-access/activities space, as
described in the following announcement!

Oh, and our site now has an english section: http://print.squat.net/en


pRiNT! is an autonomous computer lab in dijon (france), that brings
together individuals willing to use computers freely, experiment radical
computing and subversive techniques, experience alternative digital

After a first period of intense mobility, pRiNT! has finally settled in
the self-managed center "les tanneries". A lot of work has been put into
the creation of a proper space that is now able to host our various
activities. Through this place, we want to bring:


  The internet is a great tool for communication, discovery and
  free-speech. Unfortunately, it's getting increasingly colonized by
  consumerism and threatened with censorship. We allow free internet
  access and encourage the use of its independent sites and servers.
  Come and surf, publish, share freely on the net!


  Capitalist society wastes an incredible amount of material that is
  still perfectly functional. We liberate rusty computer cases,
  abandonned motherboards, forgotten processors and other (sometimes)
  out-dated components from containers, to feed our free computer
  construction workshop. Bring your screwdriver and creativity to give
  a second breath to those bits of hardware!


  Most people are trapped within proprietary software, which forbids
  copy and distribution, prevents modification, forces to pay for its
  use, and often means poor quality. We only use free software, which
  stands at the complete opposite; we encourage and help interested
  individuals to adopt them. Come have a look, try free software and
  leave your "windows" at the door!


  Information is often dispersed and sometimes hard to get. So we
  choose to put some of our books and magazines together - technical
  guides, theorical essays, practical accounts - to create a small
  library that may help people go further and feed ingeniosity. Bring
  your books and/or your curiosity!


  Computing is often perceived as an antisocial and out-of-reality
  activity. On the contrary, we want to allow "real" people to meet and
  share nice moments around a cup of coffee, be they geeks,
  (h)activists, or nothing special. Come enjoy our sofas and have a


  Some more activities may come out of your participation in the future
  - we hope so!

Visit us,

  On WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS, from 4pm to 8pm,
  at the TANNERIES, bd de chicago, DIJON, FRANCE

And if you're stuck,

  print at squat.net
  #print irc.indymedia.org


Receive a guest with the same attitude you have when alone.
When alone, maintain the same attitude you have in receiving guests.

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