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elfo elfo at autistici.org
Wed Nov 19 08:31:32 CET 2003


/me is a new subscriber to this (GREAT) list.

i would to tell you that it will be a counter-Summit (We Seize!) to the
official WSIS (World Summit on Information Society) in Geneva, from the
7th to the 14th december.

In the WeSeize there will be Conferences/Debates on freedom, free
software, copyrights .... ; a PolymediaLab (workshops, exchange of
informations/skills, streams audio) and the HighNoon project (video
stream from/to around the world)

some ppl organizing the event would like to talk about hacklabs (to make
people know more about this), to coordinate between hacklabs (i think
this list will be the better place to do that) and to build new hacklabs
in other cities.

I want to ask if someone of you could come to geneva to bring your
experiences to ppl that want to get involved and/or to ppl that don't
actually know about this.

thanks in advance!!


P.S. this is a copyPaste of the mail i sent to the squat.net/pnp mailing
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