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Further discussion to be held on the Connect mailing-list (subscription
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Proposal for a Plug 'n' Politics meeting in Barcelona in December.

Hi everybody !

We are a group of people based in Barcelona, where we run a squatted,
debian-based [free internet access point/cybercafé] called Cyber*Forat, in
the historical centre of Barcelona. We have been running this project for
almost one year now. At the same time each one of us is personally involved
in different subjects, such as squatting, direct action, reality hacking ...

Some of us have been to the first Plug 'n' Politics meeting in Zurich (well,
actually one of us was an Egocity CEO) while others weren't there, but all
of us feel the desire of meeting other people who have similar projects &
We feel like we have enough energy, time, space and good will to organize a
Plug 'n' Politics meeting here in Barcelona. We think that the right time
would be the first weekend of december. This is very far indeed, and that's
why we would like to get an impression of what this idea brings up in
other's people mind before getting at work. Here is the first and
approximate list of what we feel we can provide by ourselves, and what help
we need from other people. 

* What we have / we can get by december:

	+ A nice place for the meeting.
	+ 10-20 Debian based GNU/Linux workstations (some of them slow, some of
them reasonably fast).
	+ Broadband connectivity between 256K and 1 MBit, both wired & wireless.
	+ A simple network environment (spare cables & routers, basic services like
DHCP etc.)
	+ A Wiki page for the meeting.
	+ A sleeping place for everybody who confirms at least 1 month before.
	+ Vegan food 4 everybody.
	+ At least one (1) nice party to get the bits & bytes out of our heads.
	+ A flyer/poster for the meeting.
	+ Communication with (possibly involvement of) different realities in
Barcelona, such as squats, free software collectives, and so on.
	+ Translators from/to spanish & italian, english, french & german.
	+ Some more infrastructure like a video beamer, a big screen, a good sound
	+ Interesting ideas about why do we meet and what does such a meeting
should be useful for.

* What we lack / we need other people's help for

	- Interesting ideas about why do we meet and what does such a meeting
should be useful for.
	- A more advanced network environment.
	- Presentations, workshops, interesting talks...
	- Some practical help with cleaning, cooking, DJing etc.
	- Spreading the news around, possibly making local editions of the flyer.
	- Moral support.
	- Collective participation in the [theoretical, practical, psychologiocal]
setting up of this meeting.

Ok that's it, this was intended as just a first approach but it already got
awfully long ...

Please let us know what you think. We are waiting for some feedback before
getting heads down into frenziness.

If you want to contact us privately, please write to cyberforat at squat.net



RowPaw - Cyber*Forat Crew
gpg key @ http://cyberforat.squat.net/rowpaw.asc

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Connect at squat.net

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