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candela candela at riereta.net
Tue Apr 8 02:43:52 CEST 2008

se necesitan desarrolladores del nuevo cinelerra (lumiera).
por si alguien estaba como pensandose en algun proyecto util donde meterse.
pasalo a qien puedas pensar q este interesad* :)

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Frans de Boer wrote:
> Hello dear reader,
> Can anyone tell me what this "lumiera" things is about? I have read many
> reactions on all kinds of questions - including my own - which somehow
> seem to be able to slip-in the word "lumiera". Please, humor me.
In short:
We (some cinelerra users/developers) create a new Video editor with
cinelerra in mind, targeting to become a professional free software NLE.

Premature website at http://www.lumiera.org

For end-users there is nothing useable yet, we working from bottom up
creating a rendering backend first, since recently we have a GUI
developer in the team, but first previews are likely some (many) months
ahead. Something which can be really used for working is likely years
ahead (we need more developers).


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