[Hacklabs] me iria de hackerasmus..

Pia Redondo piaredondo at pegada.net
Sun Oct 18 16:55:30 CEST 2009

> universitat lliure de catalunya

could you send more info about this please?
searching i just found some considerations here
and that its been renamed

> que pueds aportar? 

this project or keyword is for bringing people from 18 to 25 or more years
old to the comunitarian spaces in a regular and not privative basis for
developing projects from those instead of they wasting their time and
energies duplicating things in closed classrooms in the so called
universities or rented houses,

the most spaces which want to host people like that, the better and easier
for a student to decide to say no to univerisity and for him/her making a
good and mixed plan for the whole year or half doing the studies in
different places, really benefiting much more the universe that way

dadadodo says:
in way the nice place permanescence which 24 acts of 7 actions a day weekly
everytime do code recreation and shut poshing up sake for freedom

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