[hackmeeting] Correciones a la traducción en inglés

Joseba joseba en sindominio.net
Mar Ago 28 09:42:32 CEST 2001


Me he dado una vuelta por la web, y revisando las páginas en inglés la
traducción me ha parecido mejorable... así que he corregido la parte del
espacio tiempo (que supongo que es la más crítica para quienes vengan de
fuera) y os la envío para que la reviseis antes de cambiarla en la web
(que seguro que quedan cosas mal). El resto lo reviso con más calma.

Por cierto, que ya no hay autobuses de Bilbao a Leioa (se los ha comido
el metro, así que la última referencia antes de los mapas se puede
quitar), y los precios del metro son: con creditrans 105 ptas, y sin él
175 creo.


PD: la traducción a euskera está bastante bien, y el resto no las he
mirado :)

How can I arrive Bilbao?   02.augst.2001
   Gaztetxe de Leioa, Bilbao (Spain-Europe)
   Udondo Enparantza 18 (Plaza de Udondo 18 / 18 Udondo street).
   Udondo  is  the  river  that  runs  for  that  area full with chemical
   residuals  of  the  plant  of Dow Chemical. It is to few meters of the
   station of meter of Leioa. (formerly, Lejona)

   21, 22 and 23 setember 2001
   How can I arrive Bilbao?
     * By bus: Take a bus coming to Bilbao (if you want to take one going to Valladolid it's perfect, but it will be more difficult for you to arrive:). ALL of them stop in the termibus. Beside the termibus (50 meters?) there is a subway entrance...

     * By train:  take  a train coming to Bilbao (no, I won't repeat myself:).  ALL  the trains coming to Bilbao (except ones from Gipuzkoa, I think) stop  in  the station of the North.
       Without  leaving  the station itself you can to enter into the subway (just go down).  [webinfo note: in bilbao it is very common to go up or down and straight ;-]
     * By  plane:  take  an airplane coming to Bilbao (ok, I know  that I repeat myself:). Once you arrive the airport, if it's between 8 and23 h every half hour there is a bus  going  to  Bilbao. The last stop is in the Plaza Moyua,  and  in the  other  side  of  the square there is a subway entrance...  If you want (or if you arrive outside of the schedule of buses) to go in taxi, ask the driver to take you directly  to Leioa, which is closer to the airport than Bilbao,  so you save some money. In order to check flights schedules in AENA
     * By  Ship  (will  somebody  come  by  ship?): * *I suppose * * that people coming  by ship will arrive to the Santurtzi's port  (but  'm not really  sure); in Santurtzi you can take the train towards Bilbao (about 20 minutes), and you stop either in San Mamés, which is beside the Termibus (take a look to the "By bus" section above) or in the Station of the  North  (perhaps  they  call it Abando or Circular Square, I am not sure,  but  anyway  it  is  the  last  stop), and you continue the instructions of 'in train'. 

How to arrive Leioa from Bilbao step by step

Take the subway going to Leioa. It  is  THE  ONE  GOING TO  Sopelana or Plencia (Plentzia)
(anyway  don' take the one  going to Bolueta that is the other side) -depending on the hour, may be one  every 4 minutes more or less -.[*]
When  the speaker says that the next station is Leioa (or Lejona, I'm not sure how he says it), go down (if 
   you don't want to go down it's your problem, at the end there are some pretty beaches,  but  you  will  lost  the hackmeeting:).    The    web    of    the    subway:  Bilbao subway:
   [*] Some notes on the  Bilbao subway:
     * It  is plentifull of security guards of the kind "I am worst that you". So if you don't want to see yourselves in a mess, don't make anything wrong. [graffiti attack]

* In the exit it is necessary to check the ticket again, so don't throw it away, or you will meet up with the security guards mentioned above.
     * The  tickets  can  be bought in the station itself, in some machines to such  an  effect. Anyway, the machines could be more intuitive. The  cheapest way  if  you  come  more  than one  it is to buy a "creditrans"  (a  trasport  card  that  is worth for the subway, the intercity buses and the urban buses in  Bilbao). They are worth from 1000 pesetas to 2000 pesetas (theBilbao-Leioa subway costs exactly 105  ptas using creditrans, and 175 with the usual ticket), and you can buy them in tobacco stores, press kiosks,  or  in  the  own  one  meter  station,  in the aforenamed machines.
     * In  the  stations  there is no w.c. (so if you come in a hurry ...).

    More useful addresses:
     + Map of Bizkaia:   http://www.bizkaia.net/bizkaia/graficos/Obras_Publicas2010/mapas/metropolitano.pdf (a pretty pdf about 600 kb long)
     + Map of the highways of Bizkaia:   http://www.bizkaia.net/bizkaia/graficos/Obras_Publicas2010/mapas/mapa_bizkaia.pdf (2 silly Mb)

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