[hackmeeting] Fwd: Fight for Your Right to Live and Communicate!

xavi en sindominio.net xavi en sindominio.net
Vie Jul 27 09:16:05 CEST 2001

me ha llegado ésto hoy.

lo bueno del caso es que yo hasta hace 4 días era contrario a los 
netstrikes :)

ni idea de quienes son los organizadores ni nada...



Re-enviat De: Anonymous <nobody en remailer.privacy.at>

> Fight for Your Right to Live and Communicate!
> The butchery carried out by the fascist italian state at the
> Independent Media Center of Genoa involved in producing free
> information on G8 days calls for hacktivism: if you think that human
> beings are not either bloody cases to be beaten or goods for global
> business partecipate to the netstrike (virtual sit-in) against
> www.manpower.com on 3 August 2001 from 3.00 p.m. GMT+0
> Information and people want to be free!
> Anonymous Digital Coalition


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