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Jue Nov 29 10:18:02 CET 2001

He encontrado esto sobre la creacion de una red  tipo internet militar sobre ATM.Solo tengo esta referencia... por si alguien puede tirar del hilo y ver que sale...

044113 `Information for the Warrior' JB Evanivsky, IEEE Communications v 33 no 10 (Oct 95) pp 106-112 

This article describes the US Air Force's communications strategy. It is investing heavily in ATM which it is scaling to speeds as low as 64kbit/sec for tactical systems, and adding security checks for cells with corrupted headers. These systems may be integrated in theatre at the physical, link or network layer, while work is proceedings with Canada, the UK and Australia on creating an ATM based military Internet. The distinctive features of this will include multilevel security and priority dependent on traffic patterns, which will be highly variable. There will be considerable interaction with civilian service and equipment providers, and testing is being done by Air Mobility Command. 

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