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parece que no solo se borran las camisetas del hackmeeting...



[HAL2001-Announce] broken HAL T-shirts

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The HAL-organisation apologises for the poor quality of some of the
t-shirts that were handed out or sold during HAL2001. The print of
some of the shirts was not fixated well. This results in severe 
damage or almost complete loss of the print after just one washing 
on the recommended temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

We have already organised a t-shirt exchange during a mini-
meeting in Amsterdam the 27th of august. 10 people used this 
opportunity, exchanging 7 light-blue (free) XL volunteer t-shirts with
the white astronaut on the back and 3 red XL shirts, also with the
white astronaut on the back.

1 HALparticipant reported a problem with the darkblue shirt, with the
full colour icons front and back. Nobody has reported problems yet
with any of the other t-shirts that were sold during HAL2001.

If you have a HAL shirt with a bad print, please report it to the
printinghouse, via shirtproblem en hal2001.org Describe the type and 
size of shirt, and the damage.

The printing house will send you an e-mail back, with the request to
snailmail your t-shirt to them. They will then send you a new t-
shirt. On the basis of your mails they have enough time to reprint t-

This action has a deadline of November 1 2001. 

Again, the HAL board is very sorry about this inconvenience, but 
hopes this solution works out well.

Regards, Grit
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