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La represión contra los netstrikes se extiende más allá de Italia...



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> Hi all!
> Not so sure about some of the previous examples of a "crackdown on
> rights", especially where nazi sites are concerned. But yesterday a
> major act of repression against netactivism took place in Germany.
> Maybe that's a story for a related feature.... Here's a translation of
> the current top-feature on IMC Germany (also on http://www.indymedia.
> org/front.php3?article_id=75749&group=webcast):
> Police Raid against Online Demonstrators
> In the morning hours of October 17th, police officers broke into the
> office of the initiative 'Libertad!' and confiscated all computers as
> well as several harddiscs, cdroms and documents. The background of this
> is the online demonstration on June 20th this year, to which 'Libertad!'
> had mobilised, to protest against the deportation of refugees by the
> airline 'Deutsche Lufthansa AG'.
> In addition, the homes of those responsible for the websites of the
> group 'Libertad!' and sooderso.de , were searched. Here, police took
> away 6 computers and more than a hundred cdroms. According to the
> search order of the court [Amtsgericht] Frankfurt, 13,614 people had
> taken part in the action on the 20th of June. Because Lufthansa claims
> it has suffered economic damage by the more than 1.2 million page-hits
> during the action, police denounce the online-action as 'Noetigung',
> and the calls for protests declared by more than 150 participating
> human rights groups and refugee-councils as 'Anstiftung zu Straftaten' [
> encitement to criminal damage]. "This is an attack on the freedom of
> demonstrations" said Anne Morell, who had officially announced the
> online demonstration on the 10th of June to the municipal
> administration office 'Ordnungsamt' Cologne. "It is a scandal that 13.
> 000 demonstrators are criminalized, whereas enterprises, making profits
> from deportations, can do their business in the internet", an activist
> said angrily.
> The police raids caused a lot of material damage. All doors were broken
> in the Third-World-House of Frankfurt, where in addition to Libertad,
> also the amnesty international group and many other initiatives have
> their offices. Inspite of hints by the Libertad-operator, the chair of
> the Third-World-House was not informed by the police. Instead the
> officers preferred to break the entrance-door. In contrary to the
> search order itself, the officers raided the offices of all the other
> initiatives in the house. The Libertad! Initiative, which has existed
> since 1993 and which is involved with support for political prisoners,
> see their work hindered heavily by the confiscation of the 10 computers
> and important documents. Meanwhile a software-toolkit for online-
> demonstrations has been put to the web on the homepage of the online-
> demonstrators. "We hope, that e-protest in the age of e-commerce will
> rise" said Anne Morell "and we call all democrats and opposers of
> deportation to protest against this police-state-mentality".

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