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Mie Sep 5 23:36:59 CEST 2001

Un saludo flynn. Pues aquí está. cualquier duda pues me comentas. ramon
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Subject: traducción al inglish

> iba para Xabi, disculpa Xavi. berdin da. (almost)
> Kaixo Xavi: Te mando a ti esta traduccion porque he tenido que volver a
> cargar el "ventanas" y me es mas cómodo. La verdad es que la anterior
> un poco confusa y había cosas que no se entendían muy bien. Yo creo que
> está mejor aunque siempre es mejorable. Pásala cuanto antes a flyn y
> Un saludo.Solo te mando las lineas que he cambiado!.
> Topics-how to participate-dates
> Last Updated: August 02 2001
> The name and philosophy of thse journeys is inspired in the hackmeetings
> that have been taking place in Italy since 1998.
> The purpose, as it was there, is to talk in a relaxed atmosphere about the
> topics that worry the Net community.
> : technical.......to unite the voices that believe that we still have the
> strenght ( or the force, también),to encourage one another, to get to know
> each other and....
> Who are we? Where do we want to go? Can we still create beauty with the
> machines?
> The hackmeeting......and workshops for wich lecturers are needed.
> Your contribution could be in a traditional style attending the leioa
> encounter or virtual.......in the physical space of the hackmeeting...
> There are....topics we would like to speak about in the
> hackmeeting,......We...that you would like to show.
> Hacktivism in Europe
> Taking possesion or owning the machines(mejor esta creo) is the same as
> squattering? Legal advising.
> Hacker philosophy.
> Or how to use technologies for our interests.
> .Workshop on computer recycling
> .TCP/IP beginners workshop, passwords...
> .Tricks (take out energy from the phone, or pull out..)
> .Smart cards, digital firms.
> How to participate
>  If you want to share your ideas FEEL FREE to propose activities and
> articles and send them to
> hackmeeting en ..... (this is the address of the mail list that coordinates
> hackmeeting and the list of the virtual assembly) in .txt or ascii to our
> activities coordinator ramone and we´ll get in touch.
> If inaddition to sending text, there are people out there interested in
> contributing with their opinions and good energy the list is absolutely
> to them. To subscribe send an e-mail to....
> and write.....in the subject.
> Deadline....of physical reports: September 15, 2001
> Deadline....reports: without limits
> Celebration of congress: September 21, 22, and 23, 2001 Leioa, (near
> Bilbao), Basque Country
> Spain

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