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<nettime> indymedia italy - war in Palestina

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 -for immediate release-

many italian media-activists (indymedia italy, tactical media crew,
candidatv, radio-gap and many others) are in Palestina since about a week,
as observers of what is happening - they are now in the middle of the
israeli aggression, blocked in Ramallah, Dehishe and Betlemme.

in those dramatic hours for the palestinian polulation is more than ever
necessary not only to act locally, but also to give maximum visibility,
keep direct contacts and amplify the voice of the media-activists which
are trying to help civilians to keep their rights intact with their
presence in Palestina. They are offering detailed reports of what is
happening, despite the inacceptable silence of the official media
regarding facts happening in the emergency refugees camps

pacifist demonstration on the streets of Ramallah and Betlemme as well in
other cities are planned for the next days, in solidarity with the
palestinian population.

we need help in translating to english the communicates and making them
public as much as possible, actually the media coverage is something that
can retain israeli troops from keeping on with their actions and
aggressions to palestinian and international civilians.

italian hacktivists are trying atm to coordinate thru IRC: server:
irc.autistici.org channel: #indymedia we are receiving hourly italian
communicates, italian/english speakers are very welcome to join and help.

the addresses to start from if you want to keep updated with independent
information being produced live from Palestina:

- corrispondence from the occupied territories

- indymedia italia

- indymedia Palestina

- radio gap (every day live at 18:30 CET)

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