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By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
Posted: 15/02/2002 at 22:57 GMT

CodeCon - Source code for ZeroKnowledge Systems' discontinued
anonymous Internet service has leaked onto the Web, apparently with
the blessing of ZKS' Chief Scientist Ian Goldberg.

The announcement was made on Goldberg's behalf at the CodeCon
conference by Len Sassaman, co-organizer of the three day grassroots
P2P and crypto conference .

Until early last October, Freedom Network offered anonymous web
surfing and email with a comprehensive, belt-and-braces approach to
anonymity involving dedicated servers, tricky routing tactics and the
generation of noise traffic. All packets were encrypted. ZKS
discontinued the service but denied that the decision was a
consequence of the post-September 11 hysteria.

"Right now there simply isn't enough market buy-in on the premium
services to justify the network's operating costs....support for the
Freedom network offering was removed from the client code base well
before the recent tragedies of September 11," wrote Goldberg.

According to the README, "Zero-Knowledge is releasing this code under
an RSAREF style license, to encourage academic research and other
non-commercial use." Other licenses are respected, and the release is
entirely unsupported.

The main tarballs is a 12.5MB download, PGP encrypted with the
"traditional magic word" (actually two, one of which is a big bird).  
You can find it here

The CodeCon conference is a revelation: lots of cool hacks, and not an
overweight pundit or sociologist in sight. It continues through 'til
Sunday at the DNA Lounge, and is being webcast if you can't attend in
person. We'll post a report of the first day's proceedings tomorrow.

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