[hackmeeting] internet debacle

merce en grn.es merce en grn.es
Vie Jul 12 18:49:08 CEST 2002


> consumers  are being asked to take responsibility for the industry's
> problems,  which have been around far longer than the Internet. It's
> even worse to think that the consumer is being told they are charged
> with protecting us, the artists, when our own industry squanders the
> dollars we earn on waste and personal vendettas.

> As  artists, we have the ear of the masses. We have the trust of the
> masses.  By speaking out in our concerts and in the press, we can do
> a  great  deal  to damp this hysteria, and put the blame for the sad
> state  of  our industry right back where it belongs - in the laps of
> record  companies, radio programmers, and our own apparent inability
> to  organize  ourselves in order to better our own lives - and those
> of our fans. If we don't take the reins, no one will.


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