[hackmeeting] mas: US aproves life sentences for crackers

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Mar Jul 16 16:12:03 CEST 2002


 US approves life sentences for crackers
 By John Leyden
 Posted: 16/07/2002 at 12:26 GMT

The  US  House of Representatives has approved a bill which raises the
penalty for computer crime to a maximum of life imprisonment.

Crackers who put lives at risk, either knowingly or through "reckless"
behaviour,  could be sent to jail for life under measures in the Cyber
Security   Enhancement  Act,  which  the  house  yesterday  passed  an
overwhelming majority by 385 votes to three.

 The bill also seeks to impose tougher sentencing regimes for computer

 Controversy,  however,  centres  on measures designed water down ISPs
 responsibility  to  protect their users data and turn into government

  The  bill  encourages  ISPs  to  report suspicious activity on their
  networks  (whatever  that  might  be), even if it poses no immediate
  threat,  and shield them from lawsuits from anyone objecting to such
  privacy  intrusions.  Service  providers  are  also required to keep
  customer records, including emails, for 90 days, under the bill.

   Civil  liberties  groups  are  concerned  that  the  Act will erode
   Internet  privacy  because  it  could give law enforcement agencies
   leverage  in  obtaining  records from service providers without the
   tedious business of obtaining a search warrant.

  The bill has to go to Senate, where it is expected to receive little
  opposition, before becoming law. ®

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