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> HACKMEETING 2002 Bologna, 21-22-23 June 2002
> Hackmeeting is a meeting of Italian digital communities and 
> countercultures. Three days of workshops, games, parties, debates, 
> exchanges of viewpoints and ideas and common learning. Hacking as an 
> attitude: this is our vision, not just computer knowledge.
> We are "hackers" all day long, even when we aren't using a computer, when 
> we fight to change what we don't like, such as the untrue and forced 
> information, the exploitation of not affordable but expensive technologies, 
> as the unavoidableness of acknowledging information without any interaction.
> We regard hacking to be an attitude that isn't confined to information
> technology. Our way of being hackers is apparent in day-to-day life, even
> when we're not using computers. It reveals itself when we fight to change
> the things we don't like, such as force-fed misinformation, the use of
> expensive technologies that are not available to everyone, and having to
> accept information dispensed without any interactivity.
> This is the fifth edition of the Italian hackmeeting. Like the previous 
> ones, this year the event will take place in an autonomously run location, 
> Teatro Polivalente Occupato
> (TPO http://www.ecn.org/tpo/) in Bologna.
> And like we did in the past, this edition is totally self-managed and 
> self-financed. We have no sponsors and no labels.
> Organization is managed by a virtual group which sets up both tech aspects 
> and logistics on the hackmeeting en kyuzz.org mailing list.
> The focal point of the meeting is the "networked space", an area in which 
> everyone can bring his own computer and wire it to the net to communicate 
> with everyone else, experimenting, playing and sharing freely everyone's 
> stuff. It isn't a public net, in fact it will not be accessible from the 
> Internet and it will not allow access to the Internet. We encourage 
> internal sharing of knowledge. And we encourage the use of free and 
> not-for-commercial-use technologies and software, i.e. Linux OS and other 
> programs developed by this way of thinking.
> Hackmeeting also provides workshops and debates, freely open to the public, 
> in which we'll talk about technology but also about politics. We'll develop 
> the debate about digital rights that the Italian digital underground has 
> been discussing for a long time; we'll talk about free software and related 
> ways of thinking, we'll talk about Net economies, Net work and more over.
> For more info: read our FAQ or join our mailing list.
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