[hackmeeting] Cuando todo se hunde a tu alrededor...

merce en grn.es merce en grn.es
Vie Jun 28 01:07:30 CEST 2002

Espero que os anime tanto como a mi este texto, del ultimo ezine de 29A

ojala  pudieran tenerlo manyana en sus ordenadores toda la buena gente
de la red, incluso los que como hubble no saben ingles



     The  virmaking  is dying. Moreover, this process is about to reach the
 point-of-no-return. It is shown us in decreased number of ezines per year,
 in  groups  full  of  zombi-members,  in  no  new viral techs produced, in
 decreased  number  of win32 viruses, in tons of scripts viruses, which all
 are  one  like another, and in zero interest in developing viruses, on the
 world level. It looks much more sadly, because lots of our efforts and our
 time,  and  our power, and our lifes were spent to create it all. Walls of
 house  we built are falling down. The only way to reverse this process, is
 to  group  all  together, using our knowledge, our power, and our fame and
 nicks, to interest new people, to withstand stream of time and to start it
 all  once  again,  until  it  is not too late. Someone says: but maybe its
 normal,  or  even  good? Maybe it is logical end of the little subculture,
 which,  as  many  other, rised just for a moment, and now is falling down.
 No, it is not. For sure, some sides of virmaking was bad -- such as crowds
 of  lamers, which were not invited, but formed, more than us, the "scene".
 But does it means we should stop it at all? No, we should change the rules
 but  continue  the  game,  we should revive virmaking, but knowing all the
 mistakes  which  taked  place.  The  world is divided into people who will
 not  feel  okey until they create, and to that crowd of lamers i've talked
 before.  These  crowd  know  word 'enough', and they're satisfied by their
 useless  lifes.  They prefer passive position: to stay and wait. They will
 wait  until they die. But you should know - there are real people who will
 not  give  up,  who  will  do what they like, whatever happens, and we are
 here,  and, as such, you are not alone, and we know that you, wherever you
 are,  now reading it, and feel you are one of us. Remember: I can not, and
 You  can  not, but together we can. Today somebody dont want to be in same
 virus  group  with  one,  other  dont want to be with somebody else. Well,
 tomorrow  they  will  be nobody without even a company to speak with. Lets
 reject  pride  and  doubts,  lets  write  viruses  together,  and  let the
 virmaking live.

                                   * * *

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