[hackmeeting] info from italy for hostel and hotel

alfonso_acosta_mail en yahoo.es alfonso_acosta_mail en yahoo.es
Mie Sep 11 04:13:04 CEST 2002

mu|d3r wrote:
> i'd like to know please, 
> near the establishment of the madhack
> is a hostel o a cheap hotel, than please send me all the details ,
> them and please tell me if it's better to reserve them and  which is the best
> way to do this.
> thank you for your cooperation and best regards.
> ps. i prefere hostel
> at soon
> muld3r

Hi, and greetings from spain:

Im not sure of the hostels nearby labo03, but there should be a lot of 
them. I think there's no need of making any reservation, we will develop 
some pamphlets showing the services aviable nearby the event such us
hostels, public toilets, pubs and restaurants.

By the way, you must consider about sleeping at labo03 (the place where 
madhack02 will take place). You should keep looking our web page at 
http://www.sindominio.net/madhack02 where we shortly will put an 
inscription form you must fill in if you finally decide to sleep there.

So dont worry about finding a place to sleep. If everything goes wrong,
the hostels and labo03 is full ( just a assumption ;) ), im sure someone
will host you in his/her house.



PS: If you stay at labo03, remember to bring your sleeping bag and small 
mat with you.

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