[hackmeeting] Encuentro durante el foro social europeo

Denis den en altern.org
Jue Jun 5 17:30:51 CEST 2003


Aqui une propuesta para un encuentro durante el foro social europeo.
Estara en noviembre en Paris.

En http://metallosmedialab.fse-paris.org , tiennen tambien la propuesta
en frances y italiano.



During the European social Forum in Paris, from the 11 to November 16,
2003, we open a temporary space of experimentation and confrontation for
European alternative media in the Maison des Métallos (former and
historical stealworkers's trade union center). 

The MetalloMediaLab laboratory  wants to be an opportunity for activists
of independent media to present their work, to confront themselves with
other similar experiments, to meet other activists, to exchange know-how
and expertise, but also to give a progress report on the European
situation and to release from the prospects for actions and common

These days of laboratory will be organized around a series of workshops,
meetings and plenary assemblies , and around a dispositive of technical
tools in free acces (rooms, WiFi, projections, computers, etc). 

We present here, in a summarized way, a first series of proposals. All
the european independent media, without exclusive, are invited to come
and propose topics of workshops, conferences and debates. 

1) Workshops (small, average, large and/or permanent) 

- WiFi: mobile experimentation of wireless connectivity via satellite,
permanent  wifi workshop in the hall, free acces to wireless cards and
demo on how it goes and on manufacturing of antennas, etc. 

- Free software for the media: usable software for the media independent
(video assembly, audio and video streaming, sound control); projects of
bootable CD-Rom containing free tools for production (like distribution
GNU/Linux Dynabolic). 

- For a network of free TV channels : which common strategy ? Which
tools ? Which common practices ? 

- Peer to Peer (P2P) as a possible independent network for distribution
and communication (Peercast, Gnutella, etc). 

- Problems of counter-investigation practice: how to protect the
sources, how to protect the actors from the alternative communication. 

2) Presentations of experiments 

- Meltingpot: communication and multiethnic society, experience of a
multilingual information portal. 

- La "Tchache" in Paris: presentation of the local forum of the media
independent organized by the association "la tchache" in Marseille,
assessment and prospect. 

- Projections and free acces (on a local server) of productions from the
alternative TV and of vidéos collectives. 

- Tactical media: film projections and meetings with groups around the
idea and practice of tactical media. 

3) Plenary assemblies 

- The world Summit for information society (Geneva, December 2003):
presentation of the summit, the counter-summit and the various
initiatives of contestation. 

- Patentability of the software, copyright and others similar laws:
alternative media facing the new regulations of the immaterial
production, agenda and consequences. 

- Financinf independent media: what could be the economy of the
alternative media... 

- The free television practice : free access, participative TV , another
manner of filming and of going up, new device of antenna. 

- Free radios in front of the marchandisation and the deregularisation
on a worldwide level. 

Took part on this project : Confédération nationale des radios libres
(CNRL), Confédération nationale du travail (CNT), Global Project,
Globenet, Maison des Metallos, Mediactivism, TÉLÉ Bocal, Riv'Nord, Zalea

metallosmedialab en fse-paris.org



den en altern.org

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