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<nettime> [IRAQ] Digitally correct Hackitivism: Al Jazeera and Downing

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   aljazeera in english hacked + some comments about "digitally correct" Hacktivism
     "ricardo dominguez" <rdom en thing.net>                                            

   Re: al jazeera please                                                           
     cpaul <inc en fastmedia.net>                                                       

   Downing Street web site went down at height of protests last Saturday!          
     "ricardo dominguez" <rdom en thing.net>                                            


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:06:22 -0500
From: "ricardo dominguez" <rdom en thing.net>
Subject: aljazeera in english hacked + some comments about "digitally correct" Hacktivismo 

>From [undercurrents on http://bbs.thing.net] aljazeera in english

I actually heard an interesting news report tonight on Pacifica by the
host of the hacker hour called OFF THE HOOK. he said that as soon as the
al-jazeera site in English went up, known hackers started receiving emails
from people begging them to hack into it and take it down. most of the
emails came from hotmail addresses, but the hackers were able to trace
many of them .mil addresses, which means US military is urging hackers to
engage in the same "cyberterrorism" they want to make illegal.


[some comments about "digitally correct" Hacktivismo - r]

Hacktivismo (digtially correct hackitivism) double helix of deep core code
and free speech/anti - censorship ideology seems to plug-in (all too
easily) into the current move by Home Land Security move to secure
National Infrastructure. In a recent rough draft about the issue (which is
not for distribution per request of the writer) entitled "Hacktivism:
Securing National Infrastructure." The author proposes that "digitally
correct" hacktivism /(Hacktivismo) should start receiving support from the
government and military organizations in order to "facilitate" an alliance
between them.

"Hacktivist can aid in the defense of the National Infrastructure." cDc is
specifically mentioned as a hacktivist group that fit this new post 9/11
ideology. Like white hat hackers in the past ethical hacktivist, like cDc,
should be met half-way with new laws that would "facilitate cooperation
between hacktivists and law enforcement, and develop innovative programs
that encourage responsible hacktivism and fuel hacktivists' innate love of
a good challenge."

As we move deeper into the RAND's vision of moving from a "gated
network/society" and into a lock-down network/society - would the other
digitally incorrect hackitivism (EDT or digital Zapatismo) that does not
participate with this new ideology be automatically placed on the same
tier as cyberterrorism/cybercrime. Which has been occurring for some time
(read attached URL).

Some have suggested that It will be important to have the digtially
incorrect "hacktivist" communities in toto decide if the actions are
within ethical protocols - but, to what degree the circuit between
Hacktivimo and the law enforcement preclude any activist non-violent
direct action (Electronic Civil Disobedience)  out side that circuit form
being pushed into cyberterroism/cybercrime paradigm - because it does not
support the U.S. war on Iraq or NAFTA.with its actions etc.

Well you get the general idea. Perhaps it will be the case that groups
like EDT would have a general social power of definition, about what is VR
sit-in or Virtual March and what is not. But, they will not get the
support from the Homeland Securtity that the "digitally correct"
hackitivist are getting or will get.



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