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Vie Dic 24 17:36:27 CET 2004

Esto ha llegado a la lista del hacklab de londres, es sobre el proyecto
de traducción del foro de social mundial en porto alegre.

Si alguien puede echar una mano que postee  javier en spc.org


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Asunto: [freedomlab] [Fwd: [nomadpoa2005-coord] [Fwd: FSM2005 digital /
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Fecha:  Vie, 24 de Diciembre de 2004, 3:54 pm

hi there,

You can check in the url below what the memory part of our NOMAD work in
porto alegre would look like. It will be changed for sure with more
languages and much more info on the sessions (speakers, keywords,
abstracts, etc) but... please tell us if it makes sense.

Locally, we will have a machine in every room with translation (not all of
them) with a multichannel soundcard (m-audio delta works on linux). For
software we are still undecided on whether to use a very nice QT program
called Targ or a system based on Pure Data. In any case one volunteer
operator will control all the streams and recordings for the room (speaker
and all translations) from a single interface.

During the forum people will use the recordings to do radio programmes and
also to organise remote sessions in other countries. The video side is
still a bit unclear but it wont cover as much as the audio.

We want to leave the whole thing documented so people can do the same in
any conference afterwards.


We are looking for mirrors with icecast capacity!!

ciao, javi

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está lento (pouca banda ...), bem mais lento do que na minha maquina ...

é o primeiro prototipo, deve sofrer mudanças nos próximos dias

il est bien lent, bien plus que dans ma machine

c´est le premier prototype, doit être changé dans les tout prochains jours


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