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ana anap en riseup.net
Lun Sep 20 04:15:48 CEST 2004

a quien envio el texto a la lista le mandé el texto ingles corregido, se 
lo podeis reenviar a quien este produciendo el poster por favor?



These frames belong to a girl dancing in the kitchen of her shack. She, 
alongside her family and other gypsy families, was evicted in 2001 from 
the settlement of Los Perdigones of Seville, a few meters away from 
Pumarejo Square, where the Hackandalus will take place this year.

The Hackmeeting will take place this year under the shade of a wave of 
evictions of CSOAs (Self-managed Squatted Social Centers) again. In 
spite of this, the hacker movement continues with collective 
experimentation, knowledge spread, and the desire to share skills and to 
build up autonomous spaces and free networks.

And while the Sevillian teacher that produced the videogame “Matanza 
Cofrade” awaits a criminal sentence, the struggle for the freedom of 
expression also continues to be a permanent battle also in Spain.


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