[hackmeeting] Re: London ESF arrests update - final

ana anap en riseup.net
Mie Jul 20 16:54:54 CEST 2005

Hola gente,

creo que os escribi al poco de las detenciones durante el ESF de Londres 
con infos de sus casos; seguramente para ahora ya sabreis como ha 
acabado todo esto pero como ha llegado esto a las listas de eSF ahora os 
lo pongo por si acaso:

a las dos personas que muchos en esta lista conocemos, una se ha llevado 
una "notificacion de multa" que imagino que estara pendiente de recurso. 
Esta especie de multa no implica culpabilidad ni si quiera cargos; se 
usa cuando no hay pruebas.

Contra la otra se presentaron cargos de "palabras y comportamiento 
intimidatorios" y se le encontró no culpable en el juicio.

De toda la gente que fue detenida, a ninguna se le ha encontrado 
culpable aunque hay una sola pendiente de ir a juicio.

aqui el original en ingles:

Dean Talent wrote:

> The final case of people arrested & charged during the London European 
> Social Forum was supposed to be heard today (Monday 18th) at Southwark 
> crown court.
> A man was charged with theft of a police helmet during the 
> intervention on Saturday 16th at Alexandra Palace. As people made 
> their way from Alexandra Palace back to Beyond ESF after denoucing Ken 
> Livingstone's participation at the ESF, police attacked the crowd 
> injuring many & arresting one man for stealing a police helmet. This 
> man was later beaten in police custody.
> The case was thrown out by the judge as one of the primary police 
> witnesses failed to attend court.
> This means of the 7 serious charges brought against people during the 
> ESF in London not one has been found guilty.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> In total there were 10 arrests (that we know of) during London ESF 
> (October 14th-17th 2004):
> Of the 7 serious charges not one person has been found guilty of 
> committing a criminal act, (one has still yet to go to court).
> - Of the two people arrested at Trafalgar Square on Sunday 17th during 
> the final ESF demonstration: one received a fixed penalty notice, 
> while the other was charged with �threatening words and behaviour�, he 
> was found not guilty in court.
> - Of the four people arrested at Kings Cross before the final ESF 
> demonstration on Sunday: one had his charges (assaulting police) 
> dismissed by the court through lack of evidence, one person was found 
> not guilty (assaulting police) by the court, one person received a 
> 'caution' for having a pocket knife and one person, initially arrested 
> for 'firearms offences', was released without charge when it was 
> discovered the item in question was a bottle of eyedrops (!)
> - Other people arrested at Trafalgar Square on Sunday were: a person 
> who received a 'conditional discharge' for the possession of a butter 
> knife (!).
> - The person arrested on Saturday 16th in the evening intervention 
> outside Alexandra Palace was charged with theft (of a police helmet!), 
> assaulting police and 'threatening words and behaviour'. The charges 
> of assault & �threatening words & behaviour� have been dropped. His 
> court appearance is in July 2005.
> - Two people were arrested for shoplifting during the reclaim public 
> transport/tube party action on Friday 15th. Both received a 'caution'.
> Legal note:
> A fixed penalty notice is an on-the-spot fine (�80). It does not 
> presume guilt and you are not charged with any offence. Indeed, a 
> fixed penalty notice is issued when there is no evidence a crime has 
> been committed.
> A 'caution' is issued by the police (not the courts) on the condition 
> the person admits the offence. No further action is taken against that 
> person although it is kept on police record.
> A 'conditional discharge' is where the court finds someone guilty of 
> the offence but does not wish to punish that person further. This goes 
> on the person's criminal record and depending on the conditions 
> imposed by the court no further action is taken.
> We continue to give our unconditional solidarity and support to those 
> arrested and charged during the London ESF.

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