[hackmeeting] y qué se hace ?

Esteve Fernandez esteve en sindominio.net
Jue Sep 22 17:48:48 CEST 2005

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 04:32:09PM +0200, F.J. Sánchez (aka DeSTRuC) wrote:
> En el RFC 3092 se habla de la etimología de foo y bar.
> Saludos!!

Concretamente, dice:

An old-time member reports that in the 1959 "Dictionary of the
TMRC Language", compiled at TMRC (the Tech Model Railroad Club at
MIT) there was an entry for Foo.  The current on-line version, in
which "Foo" is the only word coded to appear red, has the
following [TMRC]:

   Foo:  The sacred syllable (FOO MANI PADME HUM); to be spoken
   only when under obligation to commune with the Deity. Our first
   obligation is to keep the Foo Counters turning.

This definition used Bill Holman's nonsense word, then only two
decades old and demonstrably still live in popular culture and
slang, to make a "ha ha only serious" analogy with esoteric
Tibetan Buddhism.  Today's hackers would find it difficult to
resist elaborating a joke like that, and it is not likely
1959's were any less susceptible. [JARGON]


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