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Martintxo martintxo en sindominio.net
Jue Sep 20 19:35:16 CEST 2007


Pues nada, que anuncie en la lista de SomaSuite la presentacion que pienso
realizar de este software, y ha aparecido un compañero de la lista, que anda
por Barcelona y que quiere contactar con alguien de por alli para venirse para
Gernika, compartir gastos y tal. 

Asi que si alguien se anima a escribirle a joshua en bitmine.net y ponerse en
contacto con el... Por lo que se es buena gente :-D. 

Os reenvio su correo. Como veis, no habla castellano, pero se defiende con el
ingles y el italiano.

Saludos. Martintxo.

PD: Avisarme si alguien se anima, para no intentar otras cosas :-P.

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Data: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:02:58 -0500
Nondik: Joshua <joshua en bitmine.net>'tik
Nora: martintxo en sindominio.net'ra
Asuntoa: Re: [Soma] SomaSuite in the Spanish hackmeeting


My is Joshua and I'm on the soma list.  And many years ago I made the
man pages for Soma.  I can write python, and perl, and ruby, and what
else needs to be writen but I find myself doing more photography in my free
time than any of those.

I'm moving to Barcelona the week before the hackmeeting and I would love
to get up to Guernica for the hackmeeting.  I was curious if you know
anyone coming from BCN as I would like  to share the cost of travel and
get to meet fellow hackers in BCN.

My Spanish is poor at best but I speak Italian so can understand it pretty 
easily depending on the topic when I'm in a Spanish speaking environment. 

I'd also love to learn some Basque but that a bit harder to find.


Martintxo (martintxo en sindominio.net):
> Hello all:
> Well, finally I convinced myself, and I will made a chat about an
> introduction to SomaSuite, and its implementation in Garraxi Irratia. You
> can see the paper (in spanish) at:
> http://www.sindominio.net/hackmeeting/index.php/2007/Nodos/SomaSuite.
> The contents will be (quick traslation of 8.):
> - An introduction to the local radio's automatization problem.
> - Information about the possible applications that we can use.
> - Reasons for use SomaSuite.
> - Review to the features and possibilities of SomaSuite.
> - Problems of Somasuite.
> - View of the other applications used in Garraxi Irratia and scripts that we
>     make.
> - Commentaries and questions of the public.
> For the chat, I will make a presentation (openoffice, pdf or html) in
> spanish. When I finish it, I will put it in the Garraxi's site at
> sindominio, and anounce it in this list. 
> There is another similar presentation (or chat scheme, or any) anywhere?,
> (in any languaje, it's only for inspire me). If anybody have make another
> chat about Soma, any advice will be welcomed :-D.
> The spanish hackmeeging will be in Gernika (Euskal Herria) at October 12,
> 13, and 14. You have more info in english at:
> http://www.sindominio.net/hackmeeting/index.php/2007/Portada/en.
> That's all. Greetings. Martintxo.
> .... Fortunes power :-P ....
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1500 words?!  We can only begin to ask the question in 1500 words!

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.... Fortunes power :-P ....
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