[hackmeeting] Hackmeeting 2008, donde y cuando!

Blackhold blackholdmailer en gmail.com
Jue Jul 10 15:56:11 CEST 2008

Propuesta para no llenar demasiado la lista con este tema y nos surjan
50 000 hilos distintos:


poner los comentarios debajo.


4, 5 and 6th July - SCG08 - http://hacklabs.org/summercamp
Respect free software communities and use free and/or standard formats
while sending attached files. Files such .doc, .xls, are formats that
don't follow the standard rules and may cause problems on viewing or
in the format of the text when these are opened with programs where
thousands users communities develops free software. So that I ask for
the files that are sent to me, to be odf, ods, odp, svg, png or in
default pdf. Thanks you a lot...

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