[hm] OONI: report en censura internet catalunya

Maider Likona pisoni en sindominio.net
Mie Oct 4 10:52:32 CEST 2017

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az., 2017.eko urrren 04a 03:44(e)an, spideralex igorleak idatzi zuen:
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> Hello,
> Today, in collaboration with our friends at Virtual Road, OONI published
> a post on the blocking of Catalan referendum sites.
> You can read our post here:
> https://ooni.torproject.org/post/internet-censorship-catalonia-independence-referendum/
> This report links to network measurements collected from three local
> networks over the last week, examining the blocking of domains
> associated to Catalonia's independence referendum.
> Our findings confirm the blocking of 25 Catalan referendum sites between
> 25th September 2017 (when OONI Probe testing started) to 1st October
> 2017 (referendum day).
> France Telecom Espanya (AS12479) and Euskaltel (AS12338) blocked these
> sites by means of DNS tampering, while Telefonica/Movistar (AS3352)
> served block pages through the use of HTTP transparent proxies.
> While Telecom Espanya and Euskaltel were not found to be blocking seized
> .cat domains, we found Telefonica to be serving block pages even for
> .cat domains already seized.
> This case highlights the need to measure internet censorship everywhere,
> even in countries that we consider to be less likely to censor information.
> We can't go back in time and run measurements, but we can always be
> prepared. ;)
> You can consider running OONI Probe in your country through our
> installation information here: https://ooni.torproject.org/install/
> You can also explore OONI data further here:
> https://explorer.ooni.torproject.org/world/
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