[hm] Hackmeeting, Free Technology, Rojava, Democratic Confederalism

Amir Taaki amir en dyne.org
Jue Oct 12 21:57:00 CEST 2017


Manyana vendre a el hackmeeting. Lo siento, mi espanyol ne es bueno.

On Saturday (Sabado), can you give me a talk in English?

Rojava: call for a revolutionary hacker movement and the study of

Quien: Amir Taaki
Duracion: 2h
Necesidades: speakers for playing videos and a projector


We are a revolutionary organization following the ideology of apoism in
Rojava, North Syria. Global power is breaking up, and new groups are
emerging in the struggle for power around the world. We are the
technical arm of the democratic confederalist ideological movement. At
one time hackers believed they could use the power of the internet and
software to shape the world. Leaders emerged that managed to put forward
exciting visions of the future that brought groups of technically
skilled people together to build large scale projects. But there was
another strand in the movement which rejected collective action driven
by shared ideas, and instead saw technology merely a way to improve the
material conditions of individuals and rejected changing the world. Our
group is here to restore back the potential of the hacker movement. We
are advancing a vision and practice for technologists that will make the
hacker movement a revolutionary force with the power to shape global

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