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Vie Oct 13 01:02:59 CEST 2017

I can do it tomorrow morning.. I'll search the date for your node

Thanks a lot.. See you!!

El 13 de octubre de 2017 0:45:00 CEST, Amir Taaki <amir en dyne.org> escribió:
>I don't speak Spanish. Can somebody just take responsibility and do
>for me? It's very difficult for me to make sense of this system as an
>Alfonso F R:
>> Please do! Register your talk at the wiki and tell us should you need
>any help.Aswarp
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>>   El jue., oct. 12, 2017 a 22:05, Amir Taaki<amir en dyne.org> escribió:
>  Hola,
>> Manyana vendre a el hackmeeting. Lo siento, mi espanyol ne es bueno.
>> On Saturday (Sabado), can you give me a talk in English?
>> Rojava: call for a revolutionary hacker movement and the study of
>> polytechnics
>> Quien: Amir Taaki
>> Duracion: 2h
>> Necesidades: speakers for playing videos and a projector
>> Info:
>> We are a revolutionary organization following the ideology of apoism
>> Rojava, North Syria. Global power is breaking up, and new groups are
>> emerging in the struggle for power around the world. We are the
>> technical arm of the democratic confederalist ideological movement.
>> one time hackers believed they could use the power of the internet
>> software to shape the world. Leaders emerged that managed to put
>> exciting visions of the future that brought groups of technically
>> skilled people together to build large scale projects. But there was
>> another strand in the movement which rejected collective action
>> by shared ideas, and instead saw technology merely a way to improve
>> material conditions of individuals and rejected changing the world.
>> group is here to restore back the potential of the hacker movement.
>> are advancing a vision and practice for technologists that will make
>> hacker movement a revolutionary force with the power to shape global
>> politics.
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>> HackMeeting mailing list
>> HackMeeting en listas.sindominio.net
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>HackMeeting mailing list
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