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Quizas puedo rebotar toda la info que se paso por la lista de criptica?

(gracias!!! Gran trabajo :*)

About the relation between amdocs and matrix.org

# Guillaume Foret
Mobile Application Developer at Amdocs - Matrix.org
Current:   Amdocs - Matrix.org
Previous:    Amdocs, Streamezzo - Amdocs, Sagem Communication

# Amandine (Roux) Le Pape
Head of Product at Vector Creations Limited
Current:    Vector Creations Limited, Matrix.org, Amdocs
Previous:   Amdocs, Streamezzo - Amdocs, Streamezzo

«Matthew Hodgson is the technical co-founder of Matrix.org [···] Matthew
juggles Matrix.org with running the Unified Communications line of
business within Amdocs (formerly MX Telecom), where he has been building
IP telephony solutions for 12 years.»

«Matthew’s day job is running the Unified Communications team at Amdocs,
creating communication apps for large mobile network operators (e.g.
Blah <http://blah.com> for TIM Brasil). Previously he ran “The Next
Generation” telephony/media team at MX Telecom (acquired by Amdocs in
2010), building a [···] media framework and VoIP stack to power MX’s
voice and video services. [···]»

About Amandine:
«Amandine has spent the last 2 years setting up and leading the Unified
Communications line of business within Amdocs as a Product Manager, and
has more than 10 years of experience in mobile services and
telecommunications. »

About ilicit activity of Amdocs

«[···] billing for the same carriers was then [2013] and still remains
in the hands of a vendor once alleged to have close ties to the
intelligence community — Amdocs [···]»

«Amdocs is used by more than 250 communications service providers (CSPs)
worldwide. [···] Clients include AT&T, Verizon Communications, Verizon
Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile in multiple countries, BT, Bell Canada,
Comcast, Telefonica, Cox, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Vodafone, Tata
Communications, Yellow New Zealand, and many, many more Tier 1 operators.»

«[···]16 years ago when a small group of its employees were exposed as
Israeli intelligence agents using the company’s products to spy on the

«bulk metadata collection by the NSA is now largely disallowed though
there is an exception for data collected — and what other nations do
regarding mass data interception is their own business.»

## Products

Real-time streaming of detailed charging data directly into the
operational data store
Usage queries return enriched, aggregated and correlated rated events


Matthew version


«Yup, to elaborate: many of the core matrix.org team have dayjobs with
various subsiduaries of Amdocs, who pays our salaries but lets us work
fulltime on Matrix. It's analogous to Intel or someone paying for
developers to work on the Linux kernel. Matrix.org itself is fiercely
independent of Amdocs or any other corporate interest, and we're in the
(neverending) legal process of getting it incorporated as a proper
non-profit in the UK (technically, a limited by guarantee company) with
a formal charter to act as a neutral guardian of the project, protocol
and ecosystem.»

>> servidor matrix
> Salto todo el troleo y respondo rapido sobre lo que yo se de matrix
> Amdocs y el Mo§§ad (porque creo que es importante saberlo).
> # About matrix.org, forwarded from another list (thanks to them):
> https://hackaday.com/2016/07/03/distributed-open-source-chat-with-vector-and-matrix/#comment-3077888
> «
> So matrix is funded by amdocs:
> Amdocs is a publicly listed NYSE company that also acts a spy-arm for
> the Israeli state, Isarel’s military, Israel’s government, and most
> troubling of all, for Israeli’s intelligence service Mossad;
> [···]
> Israel’s Mossad have placed spies on US soil under the guise of Amdocs
> employees at various US and Canadian offices working out of Amdocs’
> offices under the illusion of Amdocs employees;
> Amdocs shares any and all US & Canadian subscriber data with Israel’s
> government and various spying entities;
> China and other countries have kicked out Amdocs and their garbage
> billing software because of these illicit activities;
> [···]
> »
> ps. ademas matrix haces un montón de metadata desnecesarios
> pero' si... la idea del projecto es muy chula!
> Saludos

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