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Mar Nov 2 20:53:33 CET 2021

Chicas, seguramente lo recibieron, pero por las dudas lo comparto por aquí!

Las chicas* de Asamblea organizan una Küfa. Yo voy. Viene alguien mas?


Dear comrades, 

On the occasion of the commemoration of November 25th (international day
against violence against women*), as Assembly of women* and sexual
dissidencies of the Latin American Block Berlin, we invite you to
participate in a Küfa about feminist political work against patriarchal
violence in Berlin. 

Although we will not be involved in the organization of the march on the
25th of this year because of a lack of capacities, we would like to
create an opportunity to invite organizations that do political work on
this issue to meet and cook our rage. The objective of the meeting is
that we all handle the same information on the subject of patriarchal
violence, and also that we connect and generate political ties prior to
the 25th. We believe that the work of Ni una Menos, Migrantifa, Kali,
Initiative der Betreuerinnen and Respect has been especially relevant in
this and we would like to know more about their diagnoses and proposals
in order to find common strategies. 

Our guiding questions for discussion will be the following:
How are we reading the current situation around patriarchal violence in
Berlin, specifically in the situation of migrant, racialized and/or
precarious women and queer people? What political work existed around
the issue of patriarchal violence in Berlin? Who are we targeting, what
worked, what did not work? How can we continue with the work? 
What are the mechanisms of accompaniment in cases of sexual violence?
What is it like in the case of migrants/undocumented migrants? 

We plan to focus on these guiding questions but the space is open to
more questions that arise. We will have moderation and Spanish-German
translation and depending on the needs we can see if we can organize
more languages. And we will also have some tasty Chili sin carne to
share for lunch 😊. 

The event will take place on: 
Saturday, November 20, 2021
15 hrs.
Address MaHalle (Waldemarstr. 110, 10997 Berlin).

We would love to meet you all there to share learnings and generate
necessary dialogues for our political praxis. 


Assembly of women* and sexual dissidences Latin American Block.

Ligia Liberatori
Ligia en gmx.li

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