[Presos] spain: 3 framed anarchists released!

Algunas amigas de Eduardo edulibre at yahoo.es
Fri Oct 12 13:14:03 CEST 2001

The 3 people who were arrested las week in Madrid and
Oviedo are free under parole!.

After one week the judge has recognized that having
anarchists publications at home is not proof enough of
having placed bombs! 

We don't have much information about our released
comrades, but we know they will have to go to court
again, as the charges have not been put down. 

Thanks a lot to everybody answering to the
international call for solidarity! After a very hard
year we have one good new! 

This happiness because of our comrades freedom doesn't
make us forget about the repressive campaign taking
place here. Hundreds of civil prsioners continue their
struggle against the isolation system, our friend
Eduardo Garcia continues jailed one year after his
frame-up, 4 Barcelona squatters (Zigor, Diego, Laura
and Peru) continue jailed falsely related with ETA, 6
enviorementalists are wanted because of their sabotage
against the Itoiz Damm, at least 2 people from
Barcelona and one from Madrid have been forced to
scape after beeing framed, the situation in the basque
country continues beeing everyday harder...

But the fight for social revolution and towards a
different world wont stop!
Another world is possible and we are going towards it!


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