[Presos] Sergio and Simone transferred

Crocenera A croceneraanarchica at inventati.org
Tue Sep 14 17:46:01 CEST 2004

On the 8th of September Sergio has been transferred from the jail of Rome to 
the one of Palmi, a "high security" jail in the deep south of Italy. His 
transfer has not been announced to its relatives or its lawyer, but the new 
situation he's obliged to bear is more tolerable. He has 4,5 hours of air a 
day that he can spend with the other prisoners, he can use a gym and the 
armored door of its cell is always opened. In Regina Coeli he received 
English letters only one month after its arrest and many letters (in-coming 
and out-going) were stopped by the censorship (as for the other arrested 
comrades). Now on the letters written from Palmi it not appears censorship's 
The day after the transfer of Sergio also Simone has been transferred from 
Regina Coeli. He's now in the jail of Carinola, but it seems he stays there 
waiting for a new transfer. For now we don't have other news about his actual 
On the next Saturday it will take place a gathering before the jail of Turin, 
where David is detained. For the 23rd of October it is being organized a 
national demonstration in Viterbo against the arrests of this last summer, 
while some actions in solidarity with these prisoners are being carried out 
throughout the Italy. On the 24th of July some anonymous entered inside the 
farm of Pamploni Rolando in Faglia (Pisa) taking with them 210 rabbits. The 
action (censored by the mass-media) has been signed in solidarity with the 
comrades arrested in Pisa through a communiqué spread on internet. On the 
20th of August a stretch of rail-track from Bologne to Florence has been the 
target of a (failed) sabotage that could damage the electrical cables at the 
passage of the train. Near the place the investigating officers found some 
leaflets claiming responsibility for the action. The only part spread by the 
newspapers is: <<in solidarity with the comrades of Rome, Viterbo, Cagliari 
and Pisa and to all the anarchists struck by the theorems of magistrates 
searching for success>>.

p.s. On the last week Di Bugno (the prosecutor) obtained other 45 days of 
cautelative measures for the comrades arrested in Pisa inside the inquiry 
against the COR.

These are the new addresses of Sergio and Simone:

Sergio Maria Stefani
c.c. di Palmi
via Trodio,8
89015 Palmi(RC)

Simone del Moro
via provinciale San Biagio 
81030 Carinola (CE)


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