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flee erase territorialize
transversal web journal

The refugee protests in many EU countries have succeeded in drawing
widespread public attention and produced a strong media echo. There is hope
that the activism of the refugees and their supporters will at least
produce improvements in regards to the violation of human rights in asylum
procedures which even contradict rules established by the Geneva Convention.

However, the protests far surpass the legal realm. They raise the
fundamental question if and how today’s governmental procedures are
compatible with democracy, if and  how democracy can be viewed and realized
in a globalized order that is influenced by dramatic social, economical and
political injustices.

In whatever the “we” of those with documents may consist, genuine
democratic citizenship today can only be invented /with/ those who have no
documents, with Sans-Papiers. In this sense fleeing is a movement that
erases the traces and mechanisms of identification, but at the same time it
also means to take refuge – not as an object or a victim, but as
self-determined occupation of territories, be they protest camps, churches
or new homes.


Etienne Balibar: What we owe to the Sans-papiers
Stefan Nowotny: Cynicism and Escape
Amine Germaine: The Man with No Chance (Interview)
Simo Kader: “I live like these animals, like the bats… only at the night”
Adalat Khan: The demand for a normal life (Interview)
Numan Muhammad: The Land is Equal (Interview)
Brigitta Kuster: Erase them! - The image as it is falling apart into looks
Tina Leisch: Burning Fingers
Gin Müller: Shelter in the Votive Church. Impressions of a Supporter of the
Refugee Protests in the Votive Church
Ilker Ataç: The Self-Constitution of the Refugee Movement as a Political
Brigitta Kuster / Vassilis S. Tsianos: Erase them! Eurodac and Digital
Helmut Dietrich: No Goodbye! The Departure from the South and the New
Trans-Mediterranean Solidarity
Monika Mokre: Where Europe is falling apart and where it could emerge anew
Peter Waterhouse: FÜGUNGEN. Versuch über Flucht und Recht und Sprache

Demands of the Refugee Camp Vienna:

This issue of transversal was developed in cooperation with the journals
Kulturrisse (http://kulturrisse.at) and Malmoe (http://www.malmoe.org) and
is part of the project Europe as a Translational Space: The Politics of
Heterolinguality, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): TRP34-G15.
It reflects the events until February 2013.

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