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New multilingual platform: transversal texts 

We are happy to
announce the launch of the multilingual platform TRANSVERSAL TEXTS.

TRANSVERSAL TEXTS is an abstract machine and text machine at once,
territory and stream of publication, production site and platform - the
middle of a becoming that never wants to become a publishing
http://transversal.at/transversal/0614/eipcp/en [2] 

TEXTS consists of an experimental site for publishing books and e-books
in multiple languages, the multilingual web journal transversal, and a
blog on current news from the middle of translation, social movements,
art practices and political theory.

Beginning in October 2014
we will start experimenting with the publication of affordable books and
e-books for free downloading, multilingual as far as possible, including
texts by Félix Guattari & Antonio Negri, Precarias a la deriva, Gin
Müller, Rubia Salgado, Monika Mokre, Brigitta Kuster, Ulf Wuggenig,
Birgit Mennel, Stefan Nowotny and Gerald Raunig. The program can be
found here: http://transversal.at/books [3].

The most recent
issue of our web journal is an in-depth discussion of the general
starting point for the project transversal texts. Under the title "The
Insurrection of the Published" the journal provides specific insights
into the "Death Throes of the Publication Industry" and the potentials
of an empancipatory concatenation of writing, translating, and publicly
negotiating publications. Authors: eipcp, Isabell Lorey / Otto Penz /
Gerald Raunig / Birgit Sauer / Ruth Sonderegger, Stevphen Shukaitis,
Felix Stalder, Traficantes de Sueños, An Anonymous Iranian
In cooperation with the new journal Kamion.

http://transversal.at/transversal/0614 [4]

+ blog
In the transversal
texts blog a translocal network of authors conjoins current political
texts with announcements about events, publications, actions,
manifestations, and campaigns.
http://transversal.at/blog [5]

forward to other interested people. _ 

transversal texts 

eipcp -
european institute for progressive cultural policies
 a-1060 vienna,
gumpendorfer strasse 63b
 a-4040 linz, harruckerstrasse 7

contact en eipcp.net
 http://eipcp.net [6]

 eipcp newsletter -
subscribe/unsubscribe: http://eipcp.net/institute/nl [7] 

[1] http://transversal.at/
[6] http://eipcp.net
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