[15shm] Iscription to ther organizationa mailing list for HM 2.0 in Milano

afuma afuma en eco.unipv.it
Mar Feb 28 17:54:32 CET 2012

Dear all,

the organization of HUb-Meeting 2.0 after the Aktion conferenz in
Frankfurt is going on well. We ask you to inscribe to the following
mailing-list:  15shm en listas.sindominio.net , through the web-site:

Tomorrow or thursday we can have a brief first meeting by skype or
Mummble. Here is a doodle to decide the time:


Tomorrow, I (or someone else) will mail some points for the discussion.

IT is better to write on english and to use other language (like Spanish
or italian or someelse as second language.

Hope to get in contact with you, in order to buld up the HM in Milano all
together,  THe timing is in any case confirmed al March 31 amd April 1st.

Solidarity to Occupy London!!!!!



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