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Live from the streets of Europe: an Occupied London call-out

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Live from the streets of Europe: an Occupied London call-out

The world around us is changing beyond recognition. In the past few years,
months, weeks and days, things we were once used to – from the quality
of life we could expect, our interaction with others, our politics, just
about everything – seem to vanish into thin air. This crisis has been
a systemic one, to be sure, but the collapse of the certainties of
capitalism has left so many of our own certainties naked. At a time when
action is more urgent than ever, at a historical turning point, change has
been so sweeping that it paralysed many. Before, we were trying to learn how
to create cracks and open new paths in the solid certainties of the
neo-liberal frenzy. Now, cracks wide open, we want to pull out its insides
and disentangle ourselves through a generalised and indefinite social strike

We are members of Occupied London, an anarchist project that started in
London, UK in 2007, printing journals and writing texts on urban realities
from an anarchist perspective. When the revolt of 2008 kicked off in Greece,
some of us felt the need to return there to report on and translate into
English what was happening in the country’s cities from the ground.

Nearly 1,000 blog-posts and one book later, we are
absolutely determined to keep on writing about what is happening on the
streets and in people’s everyday lives as capital strikes its final
blows in our daily lives preparing for its departure, leaving only the
violence of the state behind to defend their pipelines of wealth.

We now see a need to grow, to become even more relevant, to move beyond the
usual political subdivisions and beyond reacting to capital and state
violence and grasp seriously this moment of rupture. Our contribution in
this direction is this call to effectively share analysis and coordinate
action across Europe.

Information coming from the mainstream media intends to divide us: it seeks
to put the blame for the crisis first on the laziness of one People, then on
the greed of another. In the mainstream media, people are seen as isolated
victims or as a mass of protesters, but never as thinking, desiring and
acting people who can take control of their own futures in common. This is a
new battlefield where our conditions of living, producing and reproducing
will be set for generations to come.

With this call-out we are seeking new comrades and friends. Whether you are
an individual or group, get in touch. This is a project that aims to be as
wide as possible; there is space for everyone feeling close to our wider
social antagonist movement, but no space at all for sectarianism of any
sort. The way we envisage this network, each local information point will
operate in a completely autonomous way, while a main node of information
will gather all local material at one place, tagged in a way that makes the
content as practically useful as possible. Dissemination of information and
analysis across Europe and beyond, and coordination of action are our main

This is very much a work at progress. So contact us at
editorial en occupiedlondon.org and we will be more than happy to discuss any
details. Members of our collective are travelling to various places in
Europe in the next few months to discuss the idea as far and wide as we can.
If you want to host an event and get to discuss the project in
person, get in touch.

(1. By generalised social strike we mean the systematic -but wildcat- pause
of our normal activities (working, consuming, using networks etc.) and

extracting it from the sphere of capital, combined with marching and
occupation of public spaces, taking place to as many countries as possible

simultaneously. So we overthrow the normal and sovereign flows of capital,
products and information.)

With love,

The Occupied London collective

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