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Hi all.

We will add a paragraph about working groups methodology as suggested by
Anna, please let us know if there is something else that needs to be

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On 1 September 2013 21:01, Dario Lovaglio <dario.lovaglio en gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> From Barcelona we would like to review with you the meeting call and
> program before publishing it on the website, please share your comments
> before tomorrow 12pm.
> Please don't share it before tomorrow, thank you
> We see the mobilization period around October 15 as a period in which to
> implement inclusive forms and at the same time, radical social strike ,
> breaking strategies and times settled by the official unions in a compatibilist
> direction , be able to motivate and connect people and groups in a broad
> transnational scale.
> It is clear that this will not be possible without rejecting the
> delegation and representation systems in place, which are what nourish
> corruption systematically and speculation in all territories that are part
> of the global economic network. This rejection requires massive response
> and most synchronized blunt possible through all forms of organization and
> effective opposition developed until the date against the dictatorship of
> austerity.
> From the reappropriation of direct and indirect income to block
> metropolitan infrastructures, through the breakdown of regulatory
> mechanisms in schools, universities and workplaces of old and new
> generation. All these organized actions must fit within a single goal
> oriented on common interests and not individual or sectoral ones. Only in
> this way we create the conditions to promote active inclusiveness and
> disseminate ideas, expressions and common practices necessary beyond the
> virtual communication.
> Experiences like Gezi massive Parki or Arab Spring show the potential glue
> that has the struggle for the reappropriation of urban spaces as nuclei
> confluence, release and multiplication of the struggle within the cities . A
> fight can break the mold of "normal capitalism " and to encourage
> collective thinking into new control and management practices in the
> territory. Spending proposals to immediately executable actions that can
> displace the institutions and means of standardization, and therefore
> neutralization of struggles.
> In this sense, to stake on transnational social strike on October 15 open
> in all globalized the possibility that the exploited and marginalized by
> neoliberal policies can be recognized in forms of collective opposition and
> organize their own future within the framework of Global Change that we
> pursue since 2011. All this outside the framework of a time constraint ,
> such as that of a simple demonstration, with the goal of creating a
> different kind of temporal relations based on solidarity and collective
> time permanent and universal for all countries in struggle.
> With the aim of developing forms and social strike action , the social
> center La Dispersa [ hyperlink ] host the next 13-15 September, the Hub
> Meeting Barcelona 2013 [ hyperlink ] , designed as a workspace and exchange
> for those individuals and groups interested in promoting social strike
> worldwide. You can see the event program here [ hyperlink ] and sign up
> to have accommodation here [ hyperlink ].
> Friday 13th
> 18pm - Welcome and presentation of the meeting (logistics , individual
> presentation , development of the conference )
> 19h - Assembly (presentation of the work done, proposals and creation of
> working groups* )
> 21h - Dinner
> Saturday 14th
> 10h Working groups  : definition of proposals
> 12h Coffee break : sharing
> 12:30 Working groups
> 14h Food
> 16h Workgroups: roadmap and implementation strategy of the proposals
> 19h Skype with Joan Donovan 19h **
> 21h Dinner
> Sunday 15
> 10h Sharing conclusions and common statement
> 13h Food
> 15h DRY (Democracia Real Ya) network meeting
> * The idea is that each working group will focus on developing feasible
> 2-3 and universal actions aimed at a specific target : students, not
> workers , migrants, etc.
> ** Joan  Donovan researches anti-capitalist movements use of information
> and  communication technologies. She helped build the InterOccupy.net
> platform in 2011, which facilitates distributed direct actions by linking
> networks of activists.
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