[HM] Hub Meeting call / program /// 13-15 September BCN

Dario Lovaglio dario.lovaglio en gmail.com
Mar Sep 3 14:19:04 CEST 2013

BCN Call

We see the mobilization period around *October 15* as a period in which to
implement inclusive forms and at the same time, radical *social strike*,
breaking strategies and times settled by the official unions in
a compatibilist direction, be able to motivate and connect people and
groups in a broad transnational scale.

It is clear that this will not be possible without rejecting the delegation
and representation systems in place, which are what nourish corruption
systematically and speculation in all territories that are part of the
global economic network. This rejection requires massive response and most
synchronized blunt possible through all forms of organization and effective
opposition developed until the date against the dictatorship of austerity.

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