[Hacklabs] Re: [Thk] site update, faq, how to involve new people

azalai azalai at sindominio.net
Thu Jan 15 01:19:20 CET 2004

Well, I have made the translation to Spanish of the FAQ 
crossing fingers in case I've made some terrible mistake and it's not 
published  in the right place or..something like that!! ;)
I agree with Ivana that it would be a great thing to coordinate it in 
dates with the etc carnival of Belgrade.
I'm just talking for myself but last weekend of june (25-26-27) seems to 
me a very good date for many reasons: still good flying fares, expected 
fair weather and the summer activities still have not started...but it's 
a good idea to open a twiki section for people to express their 
preferences although I would set a date to take the final decission.
The site is wonderful and quite complete although twiki is a devil tool 
but seems to be the most horizontal one for the moment being. I'll 
finish the rest of the translation of the site to Spanish asp.


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