[Hacklabs] Distributed computing

brain at autistici.org brain at autistici.org
Fri Dec 1 11:12:13 CET 2006


I'm brain from the Underscore_TO* hacklab in Torino, Italy.

I am sorry, I have to write in English because my Spanish is definitely 
not adequate :) I hope this isn't a big problem.

I am sending this mail to several hacklabs in Europe, to find out if
there is anyone interested in a distributed computing project.
For the moment, I would be very interested in knowing if anyone of you 
(as hacklab, but also as individual) knows or has used clustering 
technologies such as OpenMosix, Beowulf & C. and, in case, for what 
they've been used (rendering? compiling farm? bruteforcing?).

Well, feel free to contact me for any question.
If you like you can also check our website (in Italian):


Thanks for your attention!


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