[Hacklabs] Website problems

brain at autistici.org brain at autistici.org
Fri Dec 1 11:30:48 CET 2006


my second post here today :)
On the site I found the address of this list, so I understood that this is right place for error messages... Please excuse me if I am wrong!

I've found some problems on the hacklabs.org website:
- Languages -> Italiano is in English too :P
- FAQ, Wiki, Howto don't work (Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /wiki.pl on this server.)
- "Hacklabs, de lo digital a lo analógico" doesn't work

About the hacklabs links, instead:

- http://www.barahacks.net/ : Unable to determine IP address from host name
- http://www.hackresi.net/apache2-default/ is empty
- http://www.igloolab.org/ goes nowhere
- http://hacklabbo.cjb.net/ goes nowhere
- http://firenze.hacklab.it/ goes nowhere
- http://www.synusia.net/ is empty

I'll send a message to the Italian hacklabs, to see if it's a temporary problem or if their site is definitely dead.

Thanks again for your attention!


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