[Hacklabs] HackNet becomes reality!

brain brain at autistici.org
Thu Feb 1 10:05:58 CET 2007

HackNet becomes reality: on January, the 30th 'brain' (from the
underscore hacklab in Torino, Italy) and Irracional (from the null
hacklab in Ripollet, Barcelona, Spain) exchanged a few words through
two computers joined by HackNet, the inter-hacklab VPN. :)

Those weren't just words on a screen, as we're quite used to see:
instead, it was the result of an exchange of knowledge and information
and of enthusiasm for a collaboration to a project.

After congratulating and thanking each other we started thinking about
how to go on: getting other hacklabs involved, as first thing; providing
basic services (ftp, ...) and not-so-basic ones (asterisk).

Once our machines are in touch with each other it's difficult to guess
how many other ideas and project will come to our mind; but for sure
there's still a lot to experiment and learn!

Who will be the next to get connected?

hackgrid/hacknet: http://www.autistici.org/hackgrid
null-lab: http://null-lab.homelinux.org
underscore: http://www.autistici.org/underscore

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