[Hacklabs] Global Big Brother Awards

ana anap at riseup.net
Thu May 24 18:44:55 CEST 2007

Por primera vez, premos gran hermano globales

>> Many of you will know about the Big Brother Awards, which Privacy
>> International established in 1998 to identify the worst privacy offenders in
>> the UK. The awards now take place as an annual event in more than 15
>> countries. See http://www.bigbrotherawards.org/
>> We've decided, at extremely short notice, to hold a BBA during the
>> Computers, Freedom & Privacy conference in Montreal on May 2nd. We've also
>> decided to make this the first ever global award ceremony. This means we
>> will target governments, multinationals and global projects, rather than
>> focusing on privacy invasion at the national level.
>> We're now seeking nominations for these awards, and wondered whether EDRi
>> members might have some ideas of names to put forward. The award categories
>> are as follows:
>>  - Worst Public Official. This award will be given to a public servant or
>> politician (operating on the global stage) who has done the most to destroy
>> privacy. Current nominations include Tony Blair, Alberto Gonzales and
>> Vladimir Putin. 
>>  - Most heinous Government. This award goes to a national government that
>> has demonstrated extraordinary disregard for privacy rights. The UK and US
>> are currently the lead contenders.
>>  - Most appalling project or technology. This one will go to a project or
>> application that has global reach. Some of the most popular nominations here
>> are biometric passports, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative and the
>> secretive UKUSA security agreement.
>>  - Most Invasive global Company. Nominations include Google and Choicepoint
>>  - Lifetime Menace. This is the big one. Here we are looking for the
>> all-time baddy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big player, such as a
>> government. Could be something unexpected.
>> So, if you have any nominations for the awards we would be very grateful if
>> you could please email them to me at s.g.davies at lse.ac.uk preferably before
>> 18.00 hours on Thursday 19th April (this coming Thursday).
>> Many thanks
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>> Director
>> Privacy International
>> London UK

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