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Subject: [Hacklabs] very posible bye
Date: 2013-11-12 13:08
 From: flawer <flawer at shareful.be>
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hi, i want to drop the idea of improving hacklabs.org. this would mean 
dropping admin this list and deleting it (or simply leave the archive 
and keep it frozen) cos me is only one admin. like the wiki pages at 

my suggestion is to redirect hacklabs.org to hackerspaces.org (we 
should first care about not making a server suffer with a very old 
software that nobody wants to update than about others blablawow 

however, the domain could be open to be used again up to new ones got 
unsatisfied with hackerspaces overbroadness or with the need of some 
campaign or who knows.

keep it up. 3 days left (politeness on warningness) for me dropping 
admining and subscription here.

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