[hackmeeting] ¿Qué os parece esta noticia?

Alejandro Castán Salinas alex.castan en upc.es
Lun Abr 9 13:56:00 CEST 2001

Hola a todos/as.

He leido una noticia interesante hoy lunes en SlashDot

"Germany Denies Plans to DoS Neo-Nazis

Over the weekend, we learned that Germany's Minister of the Interior, Otto
Schily, was thinking about DoS'ing neo-Nazi sites -- not a new form of
censorship, but the first time a government has put it on the table. Each
country has its own type of content so abhorrent that its censorship must
not be questioned. If a Bush cabinet member had mentioned that the U.S. is
considering ping-flooding Dutch providers of (what we would call) child
pornography (nude 17-year-olds), would anyone protest? Soon China will take
Falun Gong off the net with trin00 and Iran will SYN-flood rogue sites that
show pictures of women voting. But anyway, yesterday, the Ministry denied
such plans, so the chaotic Balkanization of the net is postponed for another
six months. Yay!"

En SlashDot encontrareis los enlaces de la noticia. Algunos son:



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