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Jue Ago 16 14:07:07 CEST 2001

Hi Andrea!!!
You have two choices:
        - Most of the people will sleep on the floor, in the squod house
where the hackmeeting is taking place. We are preparing an especial area
on the house for this purpouse. In this case is a good idea to bring your
sleeping bag with you.
        -Another part of the people is thinking of sleeping in hostals,
campings, etc near/in Leioa. We are preparing a list of prices, places,
etc and will publish it on the web as soon as possible.

see you!!!!

> Hi everybody.
> First of all, sorry if I write in english, but it's been a long time I
> studied spanish. ;)
> I and some friends of mine are planning to come to  Leioa and join the
> hackmeeting.    I think  we'll rent a    car  (hacking "on  the road",
> anybody?) and I was wondering which kind of accomodations for sleeping
> we'll find in Leioa.
> We don't need   a sophisticated accomodation,  just  a roof.  ;)   But
> knowing in  advance what to bring with  us apart from  computers would
> help.
> Thank you in advance.
> andrea
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