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Andrea Glorioso sama en aglorioso.com
Mie Ago 15 14:24:18 CEST 2001

>>>>> "p" == pik  <mikelt en euskalnet.net> writes:

    p> Hi Andrea!!!  You have two choices:

    p>         - Most of the people will sleep on the floor, in the
    p> squod house where the hackmeeting is taking place. We are
    p> preparing an especial area on the house for this purpouse. In
    p> this case is a good idea to bring your sleeping bag with you.

Is there any sort of camping near Leioa?  We could bring our tents and
sleep  there - not   that we mind sleeping in   place, I just want  to
gather all relevant information.

    p>         -Another part of the people is thinking of sleeping in
    p> hostals, campings, etc near/in Leioa. We are preparing a list
    p> of prices, places, etc and will publish it on the web as soon
    p> as possible.

That's  great.  I'll check the site  in a few  days (hoping this won't
count as a   netstrike, here in Italy  they  seem to be  a bit nervous
about it).

    p> see you!!!!

I hope to see you, too.

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