[hackmeeting] Carnaval revolucionario en brasil: Mujeres, tech y más! Del 9 al 12 de febrero - 2002

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Mie Dic 19 02:18:02 CET 2001

 Esta  es una iniciativa de el grupo de mujeres del cmi Brasil y otras:
 Se trata del'carnaval revolucionario' que se realizará el 9 de febrero
al 12,  justo desúés del Foro Mundial,( 31 de enero al 5 de febrero -
Porto Alegre) luego del  Foro mumdial, se partirá en caravana hasta
Fortaleza -  Belo Horizonte. Este Carnavaltech contará con todo tipo de
debates sobre tecnología, movimientos, IMC y  muchas cosas más, a quien
le interese, tienen los correos electrónicos  abajo, pueden escribir en
inglés portuñol, portugués, o castellano :-)
Hi girls,
How you doing? Here in Brazil we are preparing ourselves for the events
the beginning of the year (forum, carnaval and the action in 
I’m in Belo Horizontal where we are organize an event for the carnaval:
"Carnaval Revolucionário". The idea came from the women group from
IMC-Brazil with some other feminist groups from Brazil. At the beginning
we were organizing training for the women about media. Then we decided
to do it during carnaval, then one of the girls were coming with her
band and asked if they could play at the event. So after all that we
decided to make the event something bigger, with workshops, speak-in,
training, debates, shows, theatre etc. This will take the 4 days of
carnaval. I’m sending to you the proposal letter that we sent to the
groups to see if someone want to make something at the event...
We are planning on serving food at the event, the thing is that since we
will be paying the tickets from the people that are coming from outside
the town we will not have any "extras"...So I’m trying to get a grant
it...what we need is 200 dollars but anything will help already...I know
you girls knows lots of people and organization that could help us, I
would love if you could send to me some contacts so I can start to look
for it...)


Belo Horizonte December 6th, 2001.
That is a convention been organized in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It will
happen during Carnaval, February 9th to 12th. We pretend with this event
to get as many different people and groups together so they can share
information and experiences following the anarchist propose and the
D.I.Y culture.
This convention will have workshops, debates, speak-in, video
theatre, shows etc. The initial idea is to have three different events
happening at the same time in three different environments during the
days. Everything will happen from 10:30 am to 9:00pm. It will be server
a free vegan/vegetarian lunch and we will ask for $3 reais ($1,50
dollar) each day to cover the money spent with tickets (to the people
who will 
participate and will come from out of town) and other things related
with the event (we will accept donations). Till December 17th we will
have a space open to new ideas and proposals. At the moment we have the
following agenda set up:
-Photography and photo development (IMC);
-Audio Edition (IMC);
-Writing and publishing an article at IMC;
-Street Theatre;
-Free software, linux and computer programming (IMC);
-Pos.- September 11;
-Direct Action (that will be three days of debates about direct action:
first one will be to explain what it is, the second one will make a
brainstorm to prepare a direct action and the third one we will make one
direct action)
-Gays, Lesbians issues;
-D.I.Y shows and events;
-D.I.Y zines (it will teach the different ways of doing a layout for a
impress publication);
-ABC-SP (anarchist black cross- são paulo);
-Collective Vermelho e Negro - SP;
-Collective Renúncia – BH;
-Collective Artemísia – SP;
-Collective Retórica – BH;
-Editora Incorreta – BH;
-Artur – SP;
-MST (leandless movement);
-Global Actions;
-Feminists Actions;
-Constrito – SP;
-Peste Negra – ES;
-Abuso Sonoro – SP;
-Carahter – BH;
-Contraque – BH;
-Dois minutos de ódio – BH;
-Retórica – BH;
-Preto Velho – BH.
-Marcelo Gabriel – BH;
-Puppets – EUA.

The organization will be made like this:
Getting all the proposals and ideas together till December 17th and
checking all the possibilities to make the best agenda we will send back
the agenda proposal to the people evolved with the event till December
20th. After this date, with all the question and concerns resolve we
will start to promote the convention to the public.
We hope with the cooperation from everybody. Feel free to share ideas
proposals. Please pass this email forward. 

Toya en riseup.net
Coletivocisma en hotmail.com
Mundodebaxter en yahoo.com.br
Coletivoretorica en yahoo.com.br


¿Qué preso no es un preso político?
"Una sociedad que necesita de la cárcel, de encerrar y excluir,es ella 
misma una cárcel."

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