[hackmeeting] Fwd: [defaced-commentary] Hacker 'Doctor Nuker' Claims FBI Fingered Wrong Person

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Vie Nov 2 12:14:01 CET 2001

nunca se me habia ocurrido y mira que es logico xD



Hacker 'Doctor Nuker' Claims FBI Fingered Wrong Person
By Brian McWilliams, Newsbytes
31 Oct 2001, 4:59 PM CST

Brian Martin, one of the operators of the Attrition.org security
information site, said many Web site defacers give themselves away by
being the first to view their handiwork. 
According to Martin, log files from defaced Web sites are combed by
investigators. Many attackers leave their footprints by browsing the site
prior to when the defacement appears on sites which publicize security
break-ins, he said. 
"Many times you see (the attackers) viewing the defacement first. Five
minutes later, there will be a small flood of random addresses usually
from friends on Internet relay chat, and then the regular hits from the
mirrors," said Martin, who added that attackers may not realize their
Internet protocol (IP) address is being logged. 

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